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My name is James Topp, Warrant Officer with 28 years in the Canadian Army, regular force infantry. I was placed on leave without pay from my civilian position in the RCMP and am currently in the process of being released from the Canadian Armed Forces under item 5F. As a form of peaceful protest I have marched 4293 Km on foot from the Terry Fox Statue in Vancouver to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa. I will continue to march commencing on the 18th of July 2022 from Signal Hill in St. John’s, Newfoundland to the Greater Toronto Area and/or Windsor Ontario.  


My protest exists for the following reasons: 


1. I am protesting federal government mandates:


a. that require, as a condition for employment or continued employment, vaccination, testing, quarantine, and/or isolation;

b. that require proof of vaccination or taking part in an attestation process; and


c. that arbitrarily place employees or members on leave without pay or termination of employees should they disagree with the policy.


2. I have stepped forward to speak on behalf of those personnel employed by the federal government who have been denied access to employment and services, who have lost income and suffered from damaged relationships due to the imposition of a medical procedure;


3. I have stepped forward to speak on behalf of members of the CAF that are still suffering from the effects of the CDS directive regarding vaccination and whose objections to the policy resulted in the destruction of their careers. 


4. I have also stepped forward to speak on behalf of those who have been pressured into taking part in medical procedures that they would not otherwise have accepted.


James Topp

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Warrant Officer James Topp

Sep 12, 2022


To the Honourable Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence,


Since I started my protest in February I have repeatedly reached out to our representatives in the House of Commons and the Senate to bring attention to the issue of the harms caused by the implementation of mandates imposed on federal government employees from all departments. With the help of a team, I have crossed the country from west to east and continue east to west. I have met thousands of Canadians from diverse backgrounds and we have sought and included them in our conversations. They are workers and students, employees on leave without pay, or contract workers who were let go because they felt it was not prudent to participate in the policy requiring vaccination or providing proof of vaccination. I was somewhat encouraged that many of these workers were invited back by their employers on June 20th. It was with considerable dismay, however, to learn that Canadian Armed Forces members were not invited back. 


The core issues are those of personal choice, product safety, and the unfair application of punitive administrative measures resulting in numerous 5F releases. Many of us remember CAF policies that were, as was shown over the course of time, to be harmful to its members. The safety of the product in question is problematic enough that, had it been an item of PPE, ammunition, or equipment there would have been an immediate halt and/or recall of its utilization. Further, we in the CAF are citizens and deserve the right to withhold our participation in the consumption of a product that is still in an experimental phase. 


Thus far on our journey we have been met with support from many of our parliamentarians. In previous meetings and conversations I have introduced the ‘3R’ concept of Repealing all mandates, Reinstating employees, and making Restitution for wages lost to foster societal Repair. I have firsthand knowledge of the damage being perpetrated to the institution of the CAF. I would like to bring information to your attention intended to assist you and the Chief of Defence Staff in making the decision to apply the 3R formula, or a similar variation that would achieve the intent. In doing so, all of our soldiers, sailors, and aircrew can witness and begin the healing process to restore trust in our chain of command. 


I commend you in assuming the role of Minister of National Defence. The challenges of command, leadership, and management are well known to me. I believe that as a professor of law, you are as resolute in your determination to see the fair administration of justice. I am reaching out to you to form a partnership with me directly or, if you would prefer, a representative from the House of Commons or Senate. The aim would be to form a board of inquiry to fully assess the impacts of the CDS Directive on COVID-19 Vaccination on the fighting strength of our armed forces. 


I can and will make any accommodation to speak with you and bring the information to your office and to the Canadian public. I humbly ask for your acknowledgement of this letter. 








James Topp, CD, B.A.

Warrant Officer

Canadian Armed Forces


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