Write to your MP, just like James did.  This video is a James Topp message on how to make use of our democratic process.  You are encouraged to shoot your own video and post it with the tag #LetterToMP.  Your Videos will then be posted to the Canada Marches Website. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this letter writing and video campaign. Below is James' Letter to MPs, feel free to use as a template and add personal touches.

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May 6, 2022 



To the Honorable Member,


RE: Save The Date


You are invited to join myself, Canadian Armed Forces Veteran, James Topp, and a group of your peers, on 22nd June 2022 from midday at a central Ottawa venue for a public discourse. This public discourse is being assembled to resolve how best to repair and unite Canadians after 2+ years of mandates. 


After being placed on leave without pay from my civilian position in the RCMP and currently in the process of being released from the Canadian Armed Forces under item 5F, I am marching 4293 Km on foot from Terry Fox Statue in Vancouver,  to The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Ottawa as an expression of peaceful disagreement.  This march will take approx. 130 days and see me in Ottawa mid to late June. 


I am marching for three reasons: 


1. I am opposing federal government mandates that require, as a condition for employment or continued employment, vaccination, testing, quarantine, and/or isolation;


2. I have stepped forward to speak on behalf of those personnel employed by the federal government or otherwise who have been denied access to employment and services, who have lost income and have suffered from damaged relationships due to the imposition of a medical procedure;


3. I have also stepped forward to speak on behalf of those who have, through the introduction of false constructs surrounding choices and consequences, been pressured into taking part in medical procedures that they would not otherwise have accepted;


Your participation is appreciated and needed as we assemble to debate and resolve a fair way forward for Canadians. 


To RSVP your attendance in Ottawa, 22 June 2022, please email Mary Jenkins CanadaMarches@protonmail.com. Please put - RSVP 22 June 22 - in the subject line. 


To contribute to the working agenda for our public discourse, please contact Mary Jenkins at CanadaMarches@protonmail.com to coordinate. Please put - AGENDA 22 June 22 - in the subject line.




James Topp


Canada Marches

C/O John Gorrell

PO Box 1822, Deep River

ON, K0J 1P0



Canada Marches

320 Robertson Crescent

Hope, B.C.

V0X 1L4


24 May 2022


To the Honorable Member,


Clarification of Canada Marches Goals


1. It is my goal to make Members of Parliament aware of the following information to clarify, avoid misunderstanding, and have open dialogue:


a. Charges pending. These charges pertain to the Department of National Defence and Code of Service Discipline, not the Criminal Code of Canada. At this time, no sentence has been passed as the process is ongoing. These charges do not relate to the freedom convoy;


b. Canada Marches is NOT the Freedom Convoy. In light of recent reports, I am now aware of the sentiment that my endeavor might be connected with the Freedom Convoy. This is not the case. While I was inspired by the Freedom Convey, my initiative stands on its own and has its own clear direction. This is the effort of James Topp and the Canada Marches team in order to address the issues at hand. This erroneous connection is detracting from our ability to engage in meaningful dialogue;


c. There is an urgent need for dialogue. My observations during the course of my travels over the last 100 days, along with  my extensive interaction with the  Canadian public, lead me to believe that your attention is required with regards to the state of Canadian society and where it may be headed. 


2. We wish to have an open and meaningful dialogue with those that are receptive to our proposed agenda. The venue has been reserved for the 22nd of June 2022 as previously indicated. We have not disclosed the location to the general public however we do wish to livestream the conversation. Please inform us of any  your security concerns and/or put us in contact with your assistants so that we may move forward.


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OTTAWA MEETING  22 June 2022
Last update 19.May.2022


I have marched from Vancouver to Ottawa to protest COVID vaccine mandates.


These government policies deny employment to people who make their own medical decisions. They discriminate and divide society in two. They are based upon a government narrative unsubstantiated by scientific evidence.


I wish to inform our elected Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Legislatures, unelected public health officials, and other government agencies of the real and catastrophic consequences that these measures have had on working Canadians.


The 3+1 Rs. I have marched across Canada to petition for the 3+1Rs that are required to heal this country: 1. Repeal 2. Reinstatement 3. Restitution + Repair

Repeal the mandates

● Eliminate COVID vaccination as a job requirement in public and private sectors

● Eliminate the vaccine passport system for entry into public venues

● Eliminate requirements for vaccinations for travel

● Protect our most vulnerable (those over age 60 with multiple comorbidities) but not by shutting down the rest of society

● Ensure the healthcare system can serve the sick and not serve as an excuse for the violation of civil liberties

Reinstate employees

● Reinstate Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government workers

● Require private sector employers to reinstate private sector workers

● Prohibit lockdowns of citizens and businesses

● Keep schools and daycares open

Restitution for lost income due to COVID vaccine mandates

● Compensate all suspended or dismissed employees for lost wages/income

Repair the divide

● In order to repair the divide that has been created we are reaching across with an open hand without holding grudges, casting judgment or calling into question anybody’s decision.