Thanks to your support we were able to retain Mr. David Elmaleh and his law-firm RE|LAW LLP to take forward our legal proceedings in regards to the article written by Global News on the 18th of August. Ms. Gilmore, Global News, and the parent company Corus Entertainment Inc. have been served with a Notice of Libel. We are publicizing this development to mitigate against the reputational harm Mr. Topp has sustained by being called a white supremacist on the internet.

We are very pleased that Mr. Elmaleh will represent us if such matters come up again in the future.

We will try to keep you up to date to the progress.

What was filed:

Notice of Libel  - Topp - 19-SEPT-20221024_2.jpg
Notice of Libel  - Topp - 19-SEPT-20221024_3.jpg
Notice of Libel  - Topp - 19-SEPT-20221024_4.jpg
Notice of Libel  - Topp - 19-SEPT-20221024_5.jpg
Notice of Libel  - Topp - 19-SEPT-20221024_1.jpg