AGENDA ITEMS OTTAWA MEETING 22 June 2022 Last update 19.May.2022


I have marched from Vancouver to Ottawa to protest COVID vaccine mandates. These government policies deny employment to people who make their own medical decisions. They discriminate and divide society in two. They are based upon a government narrative unsubstantiated by scientific evidence. I wish to inform our elected Members of Parliament and Members of Provincial Legislatures, unelected public health officials, and other government agencies of the real and catastrophic consequences that these measures have had on working Canadians. The 3+1 Rs. I have marched across Canada to petition for the 3+1Rs that are required to heal this country: 1. Repeal 2. Reinstatement 3. Restitution + Repair

Repeal the mandates

● Eliminate COVID vaccination as a job requirement in public and private sectors ● Eliminate the vaccine passport system for entry into public venues ● Eliminate requirements for vaccinations for travel ● Protect our most vulnerable (those over age 60 with multiple comorbidities) but not by shutting down the rest of society ● Ensure the healthcare system can serve the sick and not serve as an excuse for the violation of civil liberties

Reinstate employees

● Reinstate Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Government workers ● Require private sector employers to reinstate private sector workers ● Prohibit lockdowns of citizens and businesses ● Keep schools and daycares open

Restitution for lost income due to COVID vaccine mandates

● Compensate all suspended or dismissed employees for lost wages/income

Repair the divide

● In order to repair the divide that has been created we are reaching across with an open hand without holding grudges, casting judgment or calling into question anybody’s decision.


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