Clarification of Canada Marches Goals

Canada Marches

320 Robertson Crescent

Hope, B.C.

V0X 1L4

24 May 2022

To the Honorable Member,

Clarification of Canada Marches Goals

1. It is my goal to make Members of Parliament aware of the following information to clarify, avoid misunderstanding, and have open dialogue:

a. Charges pending. These charges pertain to the Department of National Defence and Code of Service Discipline, not the Criminal Code of Canada. At this time, no sentence has been passed as the process is ongoing. These charges do not relate to the freedom convoy;

b. Canada Marches is NOT the Freedom Convoy. In light of recent reports, I am now aware of the sentiment that my endeavor might be connected with the Freedom Convoy. This is not the case. While I was inspired by the Freedom Convey, my initiative stands on its own and has its own clear direction. This is the effort of James Topp and the Canada Marches team in order to address the issues at hand. This erroneous connection is detracting from our ability to engage in meaningful dialogue;

c. There is an urgent need for dialogue. My observations during the course of my travels over the last 100 days, along with my extensive interaction with the Canadian public, lead me to believe that your attention is required with regards to the state of Canadian society and where it may be headed.

2. We wish to have an open and meaningful dialogue with those that are receptive to our proposed agenda. The venue has been reserved for the 22nd of June 2022 as previously indicated. We have not disclosed the location to the general public however we do wish to livestream the conversation. Please inform us of any your security concerns and/or put us in contact with your assistants so that we may move forward.


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