Groundhog Day Marching

Today is the 27th of February. The march continues but we will be retreading the same 22km section of ground for a couple of days. There is a method to this madness so bear with me while I explain.

Today we marched from Rolly's restaurant in Hope, B.C. to Sunshine Valley while travelling along Crowsnest highway also known as highway 3. It was a short journey for us and allowed us to ease back into the marching after two days of rest. We made excellent time and spirits were high. The terrain was challenging and the rain did not slow us down. The plan had been to return to Hope base camp which happens to be located in my house.

We needed to see the lay of land after Sunshine valley and it was not good. Road construction, narrow shoulders, choke points at bridges, and many, many S curves. As well, there was the presence of a great deal of snow blocking much of the available shoulder space. I have driven this stretch and this development was not unexpected.

We will use this stretch of road between Rolly's and Sunshine valley to our advantage. There is a very steep incline that will condition the team mentally and physically in preparation for the terrain beyond. Additionally, we are in the process of acquiring a new mobile support vehicle. There are various administrative and financial preparations that must be made to employ this vehicle.

I am aware of the hazards of beginning this endeavor in the dead of winter. I felt and still feel there is a crisis in our nation and action is needed. We do not have the ability to change the weather to suit our needs so we must adapt to it.

Canada Marches is an organic entity growing in fits and starts. We are currently in a developmental phase . We are discovering our strengths and weaknesses and learning new skills.


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