March the 4th and Marching Forth

Great day today. We started in Downtown Keremeos and hit the road toward Osoyoos. I was met by Dan Bitor and his crew, Jacob, Tyler, and Ryan. Dan is a vet from back in the day. He is a combat engineer.

My background is Infantry. Engineers and infantry have always got along well. It was a pleasure to have him walk with us.

We marched with purpose down highway 3 and along the way we met John and Fallon who also joined the column. The weather was perfect, folks brought us snacks, and the encouragement made us lighter on our feet. We got in 38.4 kilometers after about 9 hours of marching.

The plan now is to rest and recover all day tomorrow here at Ed and Susie's place in Cawston B.C. On Sunday morning we will step off from where we stopped today, just beside Conifryd Lake. Also on Sunday we will make our towards Osoyoos and I believe we may take a break, get a ride into Penticton, and talk to some people there. There will also be folks in Osoyoos to meet as well.

This evening we had big supper for the team. Ed and Susie, and their neighbors, Deborah and Neka made sure we all had enough to eat. They also allowed some of the team to stay at their property.

We were visited by Dalan his wife, Kim and their son Boaz. Dalan gifted me a cross he had fashioned from an antler and said a prayer for me. I don't practice religion these days. but I found the experience very moving. It was an honor to meet him.

It was a good day. I want to say to all the folks whose names I didn't include in this post that I remember you and I thank you very much for stopping to say hello.


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