Meet the Crew Continued: Tyler

Tyler is just some guy from B.C. He was born in Nelson and lived his first few years in Lumby. He and his mother moved to Williams Lake around the time he was six, where they lived for a few years before moving to a nearby town called Horsefly where his mother met his step father. He lived there with them until they all moved to a piece of land on Macken Creek, also near Williams Lake. They made a homestead there off the grid. He moved away at fifteen and lived in various places, including Oyama, Dawson Creek, Calgary, and Nanaimo. He is a self taught musician who attended VIU in Nanaimo for Jazz guitar. He withdrew when financial difficulties prohibited his attendance and moved back to Williams Lake when his wife became pregnant. Tyler has a wife, Bridget, and a son, Dylan age eight, as well as a daughter, Kahlan age six. Tyler taught private guitar lessons in Williams Lake until Covid fear caused the business to no longer be viable. Recently Tyler reached a low point after many difficulties and trials. He went to a place he loves and asked the universe how he could help. The following day he saw James Topp on Youtube. He thought what James did was honorable and brave, so he decided to see if he could do those things too. Tyler wishes to help bring Peace, Unity, and Freedom to Canada and he believes that the path to that involves courage, sacrifice and the willingness to listen to and accept all of the stories from the beautiful people of Canada, and then to carry them all the way to Ottawa.


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