Meet the Crew Series: Dan Jones

Daniel Jones is originally hails from Williams Lake. At age 43 he has had a lot of life experiences most he would categorize as good. Dan has siblings: a brother and two sisters. In these last few weeks of walking with the crew he had a deeper realization of just how important family is, both his biological family and the new family he is meeting every day. Dan has plenty of work experiences, he has extensive work as a paver but can fix just about anything and did a tip top job constructing a shelf and tiling the Mobile Command Center (RV). Dan loves getting to know all the great people in each community and goes out of his way to welcome others. His reason for joining the team was seeing just how fractured this country is and his passion is to bring peace and love to all people throughout the country. If he is not marching Dan can be found garbage bag ready to clean the landscape around him. Dan is best known by his smile!

He has been documenting some of his journey on instagram @dan564335


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