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Canada Marches 320 Robertson Crescent Hope, B.C. VOX 1L4

6 June 2022

To the (Right) Honorable Member/s,


It is my honor to have been in contact with you thus far and I wish to thank those that I have been able to have further discussions with about the issues at hand. I also wish to thank you for your continued service and the efforts you make in the House of Commons on a daily basis. I appreciate the challenges you face while conducting the business required of your positions within the government.

In our previous correspondences, (see attached) I have indicated that I would like to meet with you to discuss the current policies in place for employment and travel mandated by the federal government that have negatively affected me and millions of other Canadians. I, as a federal government worker, felt the need to protest these mandates and march to Ottawa on foot, in order to obtain your attention while being visible to the Canadian public.

At the time of this writing, the Canada Marches team has:

1. Marched from the Terry Fox Memorial in downtown Vancouver 3500 kilometers into

Northern Ontario traversing the Rocky Mountains, across the prairies, around Lake

Superior on the Canadian Shield to where we are presently near Sault Ste. Marie;

2. Marched for 105 days. This March has served as a mechanism to attract the attention of

the highest offices in our nation for the purposes of obtaining your participation in

constructive conversation about the issues which are affecting millions of Canadians;

3. Met with a diverse range of Canadians on a daily basis who have shared their accounts of

the hardships they have endured from mandates, offered encouragement, and supported us on our journey.

This organization has asked for your participation in a meeting. Members of your constituency have expressed their desire to see you participate in this discussion. We have extended the

invitation well in advance of our arrival, have maintained communication with your staff, have reserved and booked a venue for the event, and we are amenable to changing the date if absolutely necessary.

The Canada Marches team consists of unpaid volunteers who have contributed their time, effort and funds to see this effort through to its conclusion. As an official you are in Ottawa to represent the interests of the Canadians who elected you. I believe there is significant interest among the Canadian public to address the issue of federal government mandates that are the cause of suffering for many of us. Many of the people I have encountered on this journey believe the current system of government is in a state of disrepair, is inaccessible to them and they have lost hope in their ability to have their voices heard. Your participation will demonstrate to your constituents and to the Canadian public as a whole, that we still have a functioning democracy.

My heartfelt gratitude to the members of parliament that have agreed to meet with me. I applaud your courage and dedication. It is my belief that we can, through civil discourse, draw up plans and lay the groundwork for future cooperation.



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