No Rest Day For The Marchers

Well I made a mistake on a live feed and told the world we were marching tomorrow the 4th of March. As opposed to the original plan which was to take a break which will now be on the 5th of March instead. Are you still with me? I kind of confused myself.

To clarify, the Canada Marches team will be leaving Keremeos at 8am on the 4th of March and marching part of the way to Osoyoos. We will go 30-40 kilometers down highway 3 and stop for the day. It is unlikely we will make it all the way to Osoyoos but where ever we stop is where we will leave from.

Saturday the 5th of March is rest day. For real this time. We have Susie and Ed putting the team up for tonight and tomorrow night. We have been welcomed into their home and treated like part of the family. Their generosity is beyond my ability to describe with words.

The march to the east resumes on Sunday the 6th of March.

Anyway, great day today. Folks met us on the road in their cars. They dropped off gifts of food and water. They wished us well and gave us donations. In Keremeos lots people came out and said hello and even walked with us for a while. What a great bunch of people you all are!

I am still conflicted over the donation issue. They are needed but I said I didn't want your money. I am troubled by this type of inconsistency. I believe I will address this issue in a larger post on the team rest day.


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