Osoyoos and the Hill; Bridesville to Midway British Columbia; Grand Forks

There is a particular hill on the east side of Osoyoos BC that is a formidable climb. A number of people from the region showed up to march with us on a beautiful Sunday morning. Most of them stayed all the way up to a rest stop 16km away. It was a steep and challenging march. Congratulations to everyone with us that day. Scott and Thijn stayed with us until the 30km mark that day.

The team got a total of 39.8km. We spent the night in the Bridesville Community Hall where Art Harfmann and his family and friends provided us with a great meal and place to bed down.

Today we left from Bridesville and made our way to Midway. We completed 32km and finished for the day outside of Midway. We backtracked in our mobile support unit and met with Navid and his family back in Rock Creek. The team was treated to another great meal at Graham's place also in Rock Creek.

I am kind of wiped and will try to include more details in future posts. For the time being please understand that there are many folks who stopped and offered us encouragement, and donations, as well as gifts of food, water and snacks. It may not be apparent to some but if you keep your eyes open and you will find many, many, great people out there. To everyone we met today, THANK YOU!

Tomorrow we are going to try and get as close as we can to Grand Forks, BC. From where we stopped in Midway it is a distance of 55km. We will likely have to break the journey up over a couple of days but expect to be passing through Grand Forks on the 10th of March. Please remember we are marching with purpose. The purpose is to connect people, restore freedom, and make our voices heard. See you on the road to Ottawa.


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