Quick Update-26th of February 2022

The heart was made for me by Carter, age 4, and Colton, age 11. In this picture I am in the back of David's RV. He allowed us to use it as a safety vehicle and for mobile support for the Vancouver to Hope phase. Thanks David!

I am on the second day of rest and recovery and will be stepping off from Rolly's Restaurant at 8am approximately (after I form up the troops). on Sunday the 27th of February. We will be carving out a twenty kilometre chunk of the route and documenting our journey eastward. The plan will be to return to Hope base in the evening and pick up where we left off the following day.

Due to technological issues that are outside of my realm of knowledge or control I have lost all my previous blog posts and the comments that were there have disappeared. This site was established while I was on the road and I am just getting to it now. Please repost your questions, comments, and concerns.

I have met some fantastic and amazing people during the first phase of the journey. I have reconnected with old friends and am making many new ones. It's a wild ride. Monitor this frequency people, there will be more to come.

Have a good one!


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