Receiving More Stories Along the Way: Midway, Greenville and 20 Kilometers away from Grand Forks

After a great homemade breakfast cooked by Tiffany and another goodbye to more wonderful people, we set out from our starting point just outside Midway. We began in -10 C weather. One our way, we were welcomed by Baily, a health worker who was also fired from her job of serving the elderly with care after failing to comply with the mandate. She shared her story, as so many fellow Canadians have.

We made it to Greenville before lunch and stopped at the local Gas Station. Mo welcomed us and offered coffee and snacks to the crew. We met some of the wonderful people of Greenville and in case the snacks were not enough we were treated to more baking from the local cafe.

On our way out of Greenville we met John and his wife Annie who drove all the way from Victoria to meet us. John is a longtime airline pilot who is no longer working in that capacity, also due to the unjust mandate. John decided to join us in the march for the rest of the day, quite a feat on this cold day.

While marching, a young woman stopped by and gave her support also offering meat pies. We may just meet her tomorrow! We ended our march 20 miles outside of Grand Forks around 5:30pm and drove to a warm and cozy welcome at Karen's.

Everywhere I meet people, I hear their stories and the stories are amounting to an overwhelming amount of individuals suffering due to government overreach. I am marching to carry these stories to Ottawa. I want to thank every person who has entrusted me with their story. It increases my resolve more and more each day.

We will be in Grand Forks tomorrow between 2-3:00, looking forward to meeting and hearing from more great Canadians.


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