Today, Tonight, Tomorrow, and Let's not Forget Wednesday.

Hello Everyone,

It was a good day today. Dallas, Dan, Esther, Jeremy, Kayleigh, Tyler, and I managed to get the Hope to Sunshine Valley, B.C. run done in 5 hours and 9 minutes. Tomorrow we are going to do it again and give you a total of 65 kilometer (40 miles). Less than I wanted for a daily average but given the elevation gain I will settle for it.

We are going to cut out a 66 kilometer section of the route between Manning Park and Princeton B.C. It presents a danger to motorists and marchers. Having said that I intend to make up that 66kms in another part of B.C. or Alberta.

In addition to getting supplies and equipment, the time we have spent in Hope has allowed us to start laying solid groundwork for Canada Marches. We have had many productive meetings with people who are going to help us move forward in our efforts to support, repair, and unify.

Special thanks to Derek, Danielle, and their little guy. They have helped us acquire the new Canada Marches mobile support unit. This will help us in our move across the country and act as a command post, aid station, resupply vehicle, and giant taxi.

Early Wednesday morning we are going to set out for Princeton, B.C. to try and carve some miles off the Crowsnest Highway between Princeton and Hedley. Timing to step off will be 0730 army time. Exact location to be determined.

Hope to see you out there good people.

Have a good one.


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