What You Need to Know if You Plan to March

I would like to get other vets involved, however the invitation is open to all. I understand you have commitments and responsibilities. Bear those in mind as well as the following points:

Access to transportation

  • While we welcome marchers for the long term, our ability to support other people on the ground is now at the limit with 8 people between our RV and a sedan. We cannot support any more individual marchers at this point. There will be a requirement for you to bring a vehicle should you wish to join us.

  • Pairing up or forming a team would be ideal. It would enable you to take part for as long as you are comfortable with. We can come to an agreement on sharing some of the fuel costs. If you have food to bring we can cook it in the RV.

  • Please advise us in advance as there is a significant amount of coordination that is involved with accommodations in the evenings.

  • Families are opening their homes to us in small towns and communities along the way and I will not overburden their hospitality. Please have realistic expectations.

  • Also advise us of where you intend to link up with us.

Physical Fitness

  • We are keeping a steady pace of marching on the main roadways of the country to maintain visibility. We are not walking or hiking trails and we average 5-6Km an hour while carrying a pack;

  • In order to meet distance gateways we often double time (run);

  • We will be marching carrying a pack. This march is a demonstration of willpower, resolve, and discipline. It is meant to send a message to Canadian people of what a person is capable of, how they can test themselves and overcome self-imposed limitations.

  • The pack will contain everything you need to survive should you become separated from the group to do weather events or emergencies.


  • All marchers will need to provide for your own gear

  • Tent/Personal Shelter;

  • Good quality sleeping Bag;

  • Underclothing;

  • Multiple pairs of Synthetic or wool socks

  • Rain gear;

  • Base Layers;

  • Insulating layers;

  • Sturdy boots that are broken in;

  • Toques or hats to keep your head protected from the cold or sunlight;

  • Multiple pairs of gloves;

  • Good quality 70-100 liter backpack;

  • A means to heat water and cook food;

  • Survival Kit.

Please do not arrive wearing jeans, loafers, or running shoes. These are not suitable pieces of equipment/clothing for this type of endeavor. Cotton is not a suitable material for this type of activity. It does not insulate when it is wet. Nylon, polyester, and/or merino wool is ideal.

However you can have comfortable clothes to change into in the evenings such as track pants, sweatshirts, and runners.


  • The March can be physically and mentally stressful, mental resilience is necessary for the unity of the whole group;

  • You must have the inner resources to march with others, keep the pace. and keep the peace;

This March is a purely volunteer project. There are no employment opportunities, only opportunities to give your best for a common cause. We seek and demonstrate transparency and integrity as a way of providing an example to the leadership of this country who we are demanding an audience with.

The support we are receiving along the way is vital to our success. Those who join the team need to have a level of financial self sufficiency. We do not intend to become entirely dependent on the incredible generosity of our fellow Canadians.There will often be times we will need to provide for ourselves out of pocket.

Finally, as of this writing we are 25 days in and we expect to arrive in Ottawa near the last part of June. Rest days are incorporated into our schedule but I stress the following; this march is a demonstration to those in the halls or our government that Canadian people are strong, united, and capable of marching together with purpose.The purpose is repealing mandates and winning back our freedom.


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