Here's how this works, for now:

We encourage you to set up a free protonmail account before you email us at canadamarches@protonmail.com - it is not necessary.

Please download Telegram onto your phone, set it up, download the desktop version to your computer.  This is necessary.

About the first line of Volunteers that we are seeking; 

The Role will require you to: 

  • Agree to our Code of Conduct

  • Be tech savvy for the role you are keen to support 

  • Adhere to parameters and guidelines provided by Canada Marches

  • Come with a job description so you have clarify on whats required 

  • Require a video based interview on telegram

  • Have the Telegram app on your phone for ongoing correspondence. 


Next steps: 

Send an email to canadamarches@protonmail.com with VOLUNTEER, in the subject line.


Please include the following in your email to us: 

1. Your full name, city, province, telegram handle, cell number, timezone, 

2. Your website, linkedin profiles that you feel relevant to representt your online presence

2.. Your area of expertise, skills that you can offer

3.  Time commitment available - times during week day, weekends

4. Which area you feel most drawn to - Ops, Routes, Media 

5. When you can start - date, time

6. When you are free for a video call on Telegram with one of our team - am or pm preference